A ministry of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA


The Students of Vision

We are the student ministry of Vision Baptist Church. You may not exactly know what all that means right now.. but join us and you will see! Our church is a community of believers who want to change the world. We are playing are part!

We are not sure how you got to this page but we want you to know we are thankful you are here! We are having a blast serving God together. Our teenagers spend time together studying the Bible, laughing, serving the community, and helping each other through the tough parts of their lives.┬áIf you do not have a youth group you should join us! Life is better spend in a community of people you are serving Jesus. Join us at our next event! We can’t wait to meet you!

Your newest friend,

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Upcoming Events

Come join in the fun! We are growing, serving, and laughing together all over this city. We have many different types of activities. All are designed to help you in your Christian walk.

Upcoming Events

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    Devotional Series

    The Word of God never fails. We want to help you study the Bible. We have put together some topical Bible studies with you to help you during your Christian walk as a teenager. We give out certificates when you complete an entire series!