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Parent Session at Creation Night

I know we are (in)famous for filling up the calendar with multiple events on the same weekend. This weekend is going to be one of those weekends for you and your teenagers! It will be a day full of… awesomeness (speaking in teen vernacular)!

It is not everyday you have the opporutunity to hear from a Jesus-loving, Harvard graduating, college professor, palentoligist! Dr. Wise will be with us starting at 4:15 on Sunday. Attention parents! We are offering a bonus session with Dr. Wise before Creation Night. Please help us get the word out to other parents! (share this post with them)

During the 4:15 Parent Session, Dr. Wise will help parents learn how to navigate school-age years for their kids as it relates to science! There will be a time of Q & A at the end of this session.

Speaking of dinosaurs, the “Aged Men” plan to win the annual Turkey Bowl Flag Football game this weekend. This is a great weekend to have a friends stay over your house on Saturday night and come to church with you on Sunday. The Turkey Bowl will take place after church at Fowler Park!



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