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Your phone as an assistant.

It has been about a week since I posted something on this series, “What hath God wrought,”on the topic of your phone. Why has it been a week? It has been a week because I thought I would just write something when something came to me.

I have some articles about the dangers of your device but wanted a couple more on the good that can come from your device. Well nothing came easy. So why am I writing today? Simple answer, I put it on my calendar yesterday morning. It showed up this morning and I had a time set aside to do it.

Your phone has a calendar app. It is not as fun as your Angry Bird app (I doubt anyone is still playing that game – we killed all the pigs).  You may never open that calendar app now but I can almost assure that in the near future it will be a real part of your life. As some point leaving your teenage years and going into adulthood you start living more and more by your schedule.

I would like to encourage you to start now! Obviously you put the big things on there. This will help you not schedule big events at the same time.  Here are some examples.

  • Youth events (ie Expound, Summit, Camp, etc)
  • Birthday Parties
  • Exams in school

I think the above mentioned is the most common use of a calendar. But do you realize you can also use your calendar to help you with diffeent processes in your life. You can set it up to be daily or weekly reminders. Here are some examples.

  • 1 pm everyday I get a reminder to see if been writing in a journal
  • Saturday evening reminder to be talking to people about Jesus.
  • Saturday night a reminder to have everything ready for Sunday (clothes, shoes, Bible, offering)
  • Morning reminder to be reading the Bible.

I remind you that I am not making a case for you to get a phone. But if you do have one and are committed to carrying it around then put it to good use. I love this quote, “The power of words added to a calendar and then lived out changes who we become.” You know when I read this? When my phone reminded me it was time for some “personal growth reading.”

Let’s talk about this! We would love to see you set out a schedule on your calendar that is going to helps you reach some of your goals in life.

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