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Thank You!

On Tuesday night we had a super, special Thanksgiving service! It was awesome hearing our church family praise God for what He has done in their lives. In almost every testimony we learned how God had used someone in the room to bless the person sharing the testimony.

I didn’t raise my hand but most certainly could have on that night. My only problem would have been knowing when to stop. We are so extremely grateful for all of you. It is an incredible blessing to get to serve God with you and watch as God prepares you for the next stage of life.

This coming year we will see our first alumni land on the field, quickly followed by the second. We will see one of our alumni lead a monthly night of worship that is going to introduce many young adults to Christ. Other alumni will grow in their marriage and in their servant-leadership in the church.

I had strongly considered writing a special thank you about everyone of you. There is something uniquely wonderful about each of you! Instead of naming you all I will just mention many of the things I have on my heart right now. Most of these apply to many or most of you.

  • Thank you for being real students of the Word. Everytime you meet around the Word you show the teacher and the Word respect.
  • Thank you for loving to be together! You do not even seem to care what we are doing as long as we are together.
  • Thank you for sharing your ideas and working to reach more people for the cause of Christ.
  • Thank you for having a true love for missions. Our youth ministry properfly reflects our church’s love for the work.
  • Thank you for serving in so many different ministries inside of the church.
  • Thank you for preparing and using your talents at the Benton House and in the Student Driven Service.
  • Thank you for caring about the lyrics of the songs you sing ┬ábecause you know they represent the truth of God’s Word.
  • Thank you for using discernment when we are out in public (like at Dunkin Donuts). Even though many of you are crazy you always represent Jesus and our church in a wonderful way.
  • Thank you for being pretty much drama free. We do not waste much time dealing with non-sense.
  • Thank you for creating a culture where serving Jesus is “what we do.”
  • Thank you for preparing your life to be life-long disciple-makers.
  • Thank you for loving and respecting your youth workers. We are for you and glad you know it!

We hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving! God has been so good to us!

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