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The Epidemic

You might have thought we had moved on from this subject. Unfortunately, this is an issue that we will need to continually discuss. I hate the facts I am about to present to you. The consequences of these facts are going to have a major, negative influence on our society in the years to come.

You have probably heard your parents say “this is a different world than I grew up in.” As cliche as you may think that sounds, I expect you will be saying the same thing in 10 years. Most of you are being raised by parents who had very little in the way of technology as a kid. They may not fully understand the pressure and temptations you face by carrying a phone around with you.

I share these facts with you not for the “shock factor” but because we are hurting ourselves by acting like this is not a real issue. Before Christmas I plan to post a “Christian Teens Pledge to Internet Use”. You may have heard on the radio the the “Safe Driver Campaign” urging people not to text and drive. Well we want you to pledge to avoid porn and live! Pornography has the power to completly ruin your life!

  • According to surveys, almost 80% of American men between the ages of 18 and 30 admit to watching porn regularly. Nearly 70% of men between 31 and 49 admit to it. Half of men from 50 to senior citizen age also confess to regular porn viewing. 30% of younger men say they watch porn every day. Porn viewership is not quite as common among women, but it’s far more common today than it was 10 years ago. Remember, too, this is just what people will admit to doing.
  • The porn industry is worth $97 billion, which is only slightly higher (about 100 times higher) than the $750 million it was worth 20 years ago. Today, porn grosses more in a year than Hollywood. It also brings in more money than the NFL, NBA, and MLB combined.
  • The science is pretty clear that all this porn consumption is bad for the brain — it may even shrink your brain, according to some studies. It’s even worse for your marriage, with your chance of divorce doubling if you use porn. There is also a very clear and established link between sex predators and porn.

Facts from Matt Walsh at the DailyWire

In this conversation about the epidemic of pornography we may disagree in some areas about the cause and solution but let’s not for a second pretend like this is not a huge problem! The definition of epemedic is “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.” This is certainly what is happening right now in community, country, and I fear in many of our homes.

One thought on “The Epidemic

  1. Jeff Mize says:

    Thanks Trent for keeping this subject on our radars. We certainly need to be continually praying for our youth, families, and ourselves as porn is a dangerous weapon of our enemy.

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